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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can I convert my old Vehicle to Electric? 

Ans:  We have Plug and Play Certified Kits for Select Models only. So Yes You can convert them to EV.


For Other Vehicle Models Technically you can. But Since Electric Conversion is more than just replacing the ICE with a Simple Motor and Battery Pack, it turns out to be extremely expensive and complicated. Allow us to explain further.


At Northway Motorsport the process of Developing an Electric Vehicle Conversion kit is as follows:

Step 1: Buy a Brand New Vehicle (To obtain a non-deformed Chassis) of the target Model.

Step 2: Reverse Engineer the Vehicle using 3D Scanning, Designing, Analysis and other high end Engineering methods and tools.

Step 3: Custom Develop a Complete Powertrain solution adhering to all Certification norms.

Step 4: Prototyping, Internal Testing, and Certification.

Step 5: Setting up Manufacturing requirements

Step 6: Manufacture in Bulk ( For that one particular model ) to break even the investment occured.

Thus, EV Conversion is a MODEL SPECIFIC Activity which can be accomplished on select models only.

Q. 2. Is it Legal?

Ans: As per the CMVR, a certified EV Conversion kit can be retrofitted legally onto ICE Vehicles. Refer Q1 for Certified EV Kits.

Q. 3. Can we order a Customised EV Kit?

Ans: Northway Motorsport Does accept Custom EV Kit orders (High volume ones) for NON STREET or ROAD Application Purpose. We also Manufacture custom powertrains for OEM Application.

Q. 4. Why Dont you Convert Old Vehicles?

And: The Process of Conversion as explained in Q1 is tedious, expensive, and does not make commercial sense for old vehicles. Also the Life and Condition of Old Vehicles vary drastically making it difficult and dangerous for EV Conversion. 

Q. 5. Is it Safe?

Ans: When Designed, Developed and Manufactured as per Certification norms and Standards, the resultant EV Retrofit kit is as safe as any OEM ICE Vehicle.

Q. 6. Battery Replacement Cost?

Ans: The Prices of Lithium Based Batteries have been reducing over the last 10 years and should continue to do so. So By the time your Battery is due for replacement, you will have saved well enough to buy another one as well as have a lot spare.

Q. 7. Running Cost?

Running cost of EV with current Electricity Rates results in between 0.5 to 2 Rupees per km based on Driving, Loading, Weather and Road Conditions.

Q. 8.What about vehicle service and Warranty?

Ans: For Non EV Kit related service and repair, any authorized or multibrand workshop shall be able to cater to the requirement. For EV Kit Related work, You can contact our nearest Dealership / Helpline no. Warranty on OEM Vehicle shall void. Warranty on EV Kit is valid as per specifications.

Q. 9. Why can I not buy a Hybrid kit?

Ans: In order to Manufacture a Hybrid vehicle, the Entire powertrain needs to be built from scratch. Developing an EV add on kit to an existing Engine and its sub systems designed to operate the vehicle fully independently shall turn out to be extremely inefficient and unsafe. The Chassis, Brake and Suspension shall need upgrade and certification too.

Q. 10. How to I Charge my Vehicle?

Ans,: Any 15A Single Phase socket can be used for Slow Charging. For Express Charging, you shall have to purchase our External Express wall charger. Most of our vehicles are not compatible to CCS2 Fast Chargers yet

This Video Below shall provide more insights on why Electric Conversion is more complicated than you might think!

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